Ken and Dale with a nice 10 pt. whitetail buck

Located on Salmon River at the head of Grand Lake in Gods country!Located on Salmon River at the head of Grand Lake in Gods country!Located on Salmon River at the head of Grand Lake in Gods country!Located on Salmon River at the head of Grand Lake in Gods country!


Dale Bauer was raised on the Ridge Road in Queens County, New Brunswick into a family of hunters and fisherman on both his mother and fathers side. He even had a great aunt, Eva Bauer, who went out with the men and shot her own deer each fall and fished salmon and trout with them in the summertime. Dale took to the woods at around ten years of age, and by the time he was fifteen, he was travelling the big woods on his own and with his uncles. He didn’t know it at the time, but he was travelling many of the same areas as Ken Hargrove was with his father. These areas were the Salmon River, Gaspereau River, and Canaan River Country just as it was being opened up to logging. They say there is no substitute for learning like getting out there and doing it, and that’s just what Dale did, every chance he had. “I like to think Ken and I are a couple of hard-working outdoorsmen who love what we do and try to provide a quality service to the folks we are guiding. The adventures we offer are part of a lifestyle that Ken and I have maintained our entire lives, so you know you will be in good hands.


The Hargrove family is now into its fifth generation of being born and raised on the banks of Salmon River, Queens County, New Brunswick. Ken and his nephews, Dallas and Jamie, were taught the ways of the big woods at a very early age. Wes Hargrove, the family patriarch, brought the boys to the woods every chance he had, and they learned! It didn’t matter if it was hunting or fishing for whatever species, the boys were always on the game. And so it continues today. Ken, Dallas and Jamie are going full bore all season long with trips to the Miramichi, on the Cains River for salmon and trout, and to the hardwood ridges of the Harley Road to try for a big buck. Some of Ken hobbies include woodcrafting, hunting, canoeing, fishing and photography.



Dallas and Jamie represent the next generation of guides in our operation. These young outdoorsmen have been steeped in the outdoor tradition from childhood and are some of the top guides in our area Jamie and Dallas are right in their prime, which is to say they are young enough to still have the stamina and drive to find game but also old enough to have the experience and knowledge of how to be successful when hunting or fishing in our beautiful part of New Brunswick 


Whitetail Deer Hunt


The main focus of the deer hunt is for mature, monster big woods bucks.Ken and Dale first find large tracks early in the year and then narrow down the location or core area of each buck found. Then it’s just a matter of putting out mineral licks and bait and setting up tree stands and blinds. Then the waiting game begins. Your guides assume that most sports want to harvest trophy sized deer and that is the kind of deer they set up for, but its up to each hunter to decide what size deer they want to harvest.

Moose Hunt


Moose hunts are for those sports lucky enough to get drawn in the annual lottery. Success rates are high and the chances of getting a large bull are very good.

Ken and Dale scout for these big bulls year round and know the home turf of several trophy sized bulls at any given time. Non-resident hunters enjoy a near 100% success rate overall 

Bear Hunt


Ken and Dale set out a large number of test baits each season and gradually narrow down the number of sites maintained, according to how many sports are being guided. We use only high quality bait and choose our sites with great care Our area has a large number of bear and you can be sure you will be sitting on an active bait. We try to maintain three baits per hunter throughout both seasons Our guides have baits in Zones 13, 17, and 18 to ensure our hunting areas don't receive too much pressure. Bear hunts in both seasons are for ONE bear only. A hunt for a second bear will cost $500 CAN. to cover the related costs. As in the deer hunt, you will be hunting trophy sized bears, but again, it will be up to the hunter as to the size of each animal they harvest.

Small Game

Jamie and Dallas as young boys

What’s your preference? Grouse, woodcock, rabbits, geese or coyote? We have good numbers of these critters and your guide will have you on the game every day. Mixed bag? No problem. This is your hunt and sports are encouraged to arrange to hunt the game they want, when they want.


Donna A. with a nice Miramichi River sping salmon

Our area has opportunities for some of the best fishing to be had anywhere.

Dale and Ken do trips for Spring Salmon on the Miramichi River, sea-trout on the Cains River brook trout on the Gasperau River and pickerel on Grand Lake.

If any sports would like to experience all the fishing we have in our area, we recommend mixing it up and fishing for multiple species on different days. Pickerel, perch, catfish, bluegills and brook trout are here in abundance and are the predominate species we fish for. There are also good numbers of smallmouth bass and land locked salmon present in the Grand Lake system. Stripers and sturgeon can be fished at certain times of the year



Most of our adventures are for five days/six nights. All inclusive (excluding licences and gratuities) trips will cost $2400 CAN. per person. Non-hunting participants will be charged $500 Can. as tag-alongs. BIG savings when booking for a group of 3-4 people.


Full and half-day trips on Salmon River to fish and watch for wildlife with a lunch for two. Full day $220 – half day $130! Pickup at the Chipman Marina.

ice fishing Video

Fishing pickerel and perch through the ice in a backwater off of Salmon River

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