White Tail Deer

The main focus of the deer hunt is for mature, monster big woods bucks. And we have lots of them. Ken and Dale first find large tracks early in the year and then narrow down the location or core area of each buck found. Then it’s just a matter of putting out mineral licks and bait and setting up three stands and blinds. Your guides assume that most sports want to harvest trophy sized deer and that is the kind of deer they set up for, but its up to each hunter to decide what size deer they want to harvest.


Black Bear

Kens bear 2012 012Ken and Dale set out a large number of baits each season and gradually narrow down the number of sites maintained, according to the number of sports being guided. Our area has a large number of bear and you can be sure you will be sitting on an active bait. As in the deer hunt, you will be hunting trophy sized bears, but again it will be up to the hunter as to the size of each animal they harvest.

DNR Bear Hunting Licence Information, Wildlife Export Permit, CITES Export Permit.


Moose Hunt

2012 moose pictures 013Moose hunts are for those sports lucky enough to get drawn in the annual lottery. Success rates are very high and the chances of getting a large bull are very good.

Ken and Dale scout for these big bulls year round and know the home turf of several trophy sized bulls at any given time.

These two links will provide all the information a non-resident needs to apply for a moose tag.  Moose Hunting Licences, Non-resident fact sheet.



Small Game

2012 duck hunt and vintage items 009What’s your preference? Grouse, woodcock, rabbits, geese or coyote? We have good numbers of these critters and your guide will have you on the game every day. Mixed bag? No problem. This is your hunt and sports are encouraged to arrange to hunt the game they want, when they want.


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