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Ken Hargrove

Kens bear 2012 007The Hargrove family is now into its fifth generation of being born and raised on the banks of Salmon River, Queens County, New Brunswick.

Ken and his nephews, Dallas and Jamie, were taught the ways of the big woods at a very early age. Wes Hargrove, the family patriarch, brought the boys to the woods every chance he had, and they learned! It didn’t matter if it was hunting or fishing for whatever species, the boys were always on the game.

And so it continues today. Ken, Dallas and Jamie are going full bore all season long and Wes still gets out for a trip to the Miramichi, on the Cains River for salmon and trout, and on a trip the hardwood ridges of the Harley Road to try for a big buck. Some of Ken hobbies include woodcrafting, hunting, canoeing, fishing and photography.


Dale Bauer

trail cam gaspereau 112Dale Bauer was raised on the Ridge Road in Queens County, New Brunswick into a family of hunters and fisherman on both his mother and fathers side. He even had a great aunt, Eva Bauer, who went out with the men and shot her own deer each fall and fished salmon and trout with them in the summertime.

Dale took to the woods at around ten years of age, and by the time he was fifteen, he was travelling the big woods on his own and with his uncles. He didn’t know it at the time, but he was travelling many of the same areas as Ken Hargrove was with his father. These areas were the Salmon River, Gaspereau River, and Canaan River Country just as it was being opened up to logging.

They say there is no substitute for learning like getting out there and doing it, and that’s just what Dale did, every chance he had.

“I like to think Ken and I are a couple of hard-working outdoorsmen who love what we do and try to provide a quality service to the folks we are guiding. The adventures we offer are parts of a lifestyle that Ken and I have maintained our entire lives, so you know you will be in good hands. Please be sure to check out my blog at “What’s New” to see what we have been up to lately”… Dale Bauer


Chipman, New Brunswick, Canada (506) 339-5277

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